Never Mind The Whip. Full Disk Encryption Should Be Part of Indiana Jones’s Arsenal.

I was commenting on the Coppola theft in Argentina the other day, and made some generalizations about how encryption and security ought to be part of the creative process in the digital era.  Well, the entertainment industry is again in the news for a major theft.  Photographs and computers being used for the production of […] read more

Full Disk Encryption For When The Competitors’ Claws Come Out.

There is an interesting passage in the New Zealand Herald today: A small business director says: “I was sitting at a conference and had my laptop set up in front of me to take notes. On the hard drive there were also confidential pricing pitches to potential customers. At morning tea, I stepped out for a […] read more

Non-Profits May Need Endpoint Security Even More than For-Profits.

It looks like there isn’t a lot of media coverage, but there’s a small article in the Arkansas Democrat Gazette a hacker gained illegal access to servers for the Nature Conservancy.  Personal information regarding 14,000 people may have been compromised, including employees and their families.  Payroll information, including direct deposit bank account numbers, was part […] read more

Even the Film Industry Needs Encryption.

Francis Ford Coppola, the acclaimed director of numerous movies, but most well-known for The Godfather trilogy, has issued over the weekend a press release asking for the return of a backup device to his computer files.  Burglars entered his production office and home in Argentina (Coppola was slated to begin shooting a new movie in […] read more

Welcome Tim.

A weblog (blog) is an online journal you can use to share thoughts, ideas, gripes, project status, or anything else you want. Blogs allow you to be a contributor rather than just a bystander. Postings are arranged chronologically and can be categorized depending upon how the administrator has configured the system. You can view a […] read more

Ensure There Is No Gap When It Comes To Laptop Encryption.

The Gap, the San Francisco-based clothes retailer, has just issued a press release that a laptop containing the information of 800,000 job applicants has been stolen.  In all fairness, this is not the fault of The Gap, but one of the vendors that they hired to manage the job applicant data.  Just when I thought […] read more

Here’s Why All Data Should Be Encrypted – Regardless Of What The Official Policies Are.

I’ve been revisiting some security breach cases from earlier this year, and one of the more confounding ones is the data breach that happened at the VA in Birmingham, Alabama.  A hard drive, with some of the files encrypted but most of them not, was stolen from the premises.  The VA Office Inspector General released […] read more

State of Connecticut Latest Victim of Ohio Tape Theft – Why Data Encyption Should Be a Key Weapon In Your Security Arsenal.

The state of Connecticut is back in the news due to another security breach.  You’ll remember that a state laptop was stolen earlier this month, and I remarked that laptop encryption by AlertBoot would have helped in this case.  The Connecticut government is not to blame in this particular instance, however.  The state is getting […] read more

Encryption is a Key Ingredient when Limes and Wires Mix.

Looks like another bank has been struck by a data breach.  The victim in this case is Citigroup, more specifically the ABN Amro Mortgage Group unit.  An employee at the mortgage unit inadvertently leaked the Social Security numbers and credit information (not “credit card” information) of 5208 customers.  How did the data breach happen?  The […] read more