Disk Encryption Software: Montgomery County Department of Job Loses USB Drive.

The Montgomery County Department of Job and Family Services in Ohio has alerted approximately 1,200 people that a USB drive with sensitive information has been misplaced.  It wasn’t mentioned whether disk encryption like AlertBoot was used to secure the contents of the data. However, the department has announced that it “does not think the drive […] read more

USB Key Encryption: Saint Francis Hospital Loses USB Device, Data Was From Ten Years Ago.

A doctor, in violation of policies at Saint Francis Hospital, copied patient files to an unencrypted USB key which was subsequently lost.  While I’d like to blame the doctor for the breach (he is the who caused the breach, after all), I have to question the hospital which only had a policy in writing only.  […] read more

UK Drive Encryption: Two Housing Bodies Breach DPA After USB Memory Stick Lost.

Two London housing bodies, Lewisham Homes and Wandle Housing Association, admitted to breaching the UK’s Data Protection Act when a USB memory stick with tenant information turned up at a police station.  The problem?  Lack of disk encryption software like AlertBoot, certainly, but also a lack of data controls. Contractor Involved According to databreaches.net, the […] read more

Disk Encryption: Because It’s Illegal To Identify Someone On Medicaid.

You learn something new every day.  For example, did you know that it’s illegal to identify someone on Medicaid?  It’s true. A spokesman for the Department of Health and Human Services says it’s against federal law to even identify someone who is on Medicaid [www2.wspa.com] This statement was made in connection to an announcement that […] read more