Hard Disk Encryption: Victoria House Children’s Centre Data Breach.

A staff member at Victoria House Children’s Centre in Barnstaple, UK breached protocol (and data security laws) when a USB flashdrive was stolen from her.  Obviously, the use of drive encryption like AlertBoot would have prevented the breach from ever taking place. Such technological solutions are always preferable over what Action for Children (AFC) — […] read more

Drive Encryption Software: Ochsner Medical Center Computer Drive Missing.

Ochsner Medical Center, based out of suburban New Orleans, is notifying patients about a possible data breach.  An external hard drive used for backup purposes is missing, and it appears that the device was not protected with disk encryption software like AlertBoot. Proprietary Format Several sources note that a backup hard drive is missing from […] read more

Data Encryption: Victorinox Offering $3000, 1 TB Flash Drive Later This Year.

According to various sites focusing on gadgets, Victorniox — manufacturers of the official Swiss Army Knife — has debuted a one terabyte flash drive that will cost $3,000 (or less, the company hopes).  1 TB is a lot of information.  No wonder, then, that it will feature AES-256 encryption, which is the algorithm powering AlertBoot […] read more

Disk Encryption: Australia’s Railcorp Auctions Off USB Flash Disks With Personal Data, Being Investigated.

The Daily Telegraph (dailytelegraph.au) has a headline that reads “Railcorp blunder as personal details offered in rail sale.”  It piqued my interest; what kind of company would do that in this day and age?  Then, I realized, hey, using data encryption on the things and losing the keys before selling them is not exactly easy […] read more

USB Data Encryption: The Crypteks USB Stick Combines Encryption With Encryption.

Wired has a short review on a new USB stick that’s pretty awesome-looking.  The Crypteks USB stick was inspired by the Cryptex in The Da Vinci Code.  It features 256 AES encryption for the stick itself, plus gives you an elegant and fun outer shell that’s also encrypted.  Or, at least, uses the principles of […] read more