BYOD Protection: Dutch Chemical Company Attacked With USB Memory Sticks.

Cyber criminals have attempted to infiltrate a Dutch chemical company by “losing” USB sticks infected with malware in the company’s parking lot.  Gives a totally different spin to the term “computer trojan horse” and shows how BYOD protection and security can be maximized if employees are properly educated. BYOD: The Culmination of an Old Trend […] read more

Data Encryption: Samsung, LG AMOLED Secrets Leaked Via USB Memory Stick.

The big news tonight, in Korea, was that key technologies related to Samsung and LG’s AMOLED displays were smuggled out by employees of an Israeli subsidiary in Korea.  How did these intrepid yet arrested men manage to do this?  With a 4 GB USB memory stick that, last time I checked, cost less than $10.  […] read more

Disk Encryption: Bin Laden Didn’t Use It. Did He Need To?.

You’ve probably heard by now that US authorities released a number of Osama Bin Laden’s documents that were captured last year during the Abbottabad compound raid.  One of the surprising revelations?  Osama Bin Laden didn’t use proper security when it came to his electronic files.  For example, USB sticks, memory cards, and other storage devices […] read more