Disk Encryption Software: OESC Loses Flashdrive With Information On 5500 People.

The Oklahoma Employment Security Commission has alerted more than 5,500 people that their private information was on a lost flashdrive.  Drive encryption was not used to secure the contents of the missing drive, which could be problematic. The private information included names and SSNs, and the earnings of corporate officers at more than 80 businesses. […] read more

USB Security: UK NHS Signs Up For Encrypted USB Sticks.

NHS Buys 100,000 Encrypted USB Sticks What About Existing And Personal Memory Sticks? Obtain USB Security Via USB Memory Stick Data Security Software Secure USB Ports, Too It looks like the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK has had enough with the constant loss of USB sticks that contain confidential patient information.  And while […] read more

USB Protection: USB Encryption And Port Blocking For Better Data Security.

When it comes to USB protection, there are largely two ways of protecting oneself from an information data breach: Using encryption to protect data on any USB hard drives, including external hard drives as well as memory sticks Engaging the use of port blocking software to prevent data from being copied to unauthorized data devices […] read more