Jump Drive Encryption Software: Canyons School District Loses USB With Info On 6,000.

New School District Who’s To Blame? Who’s To Blame, Really? The Canyons School District officials in Utah have announced the loss of a USB jump drive that contained the information of 6,000 employees.  The lost information includes addresses, phone numbers, DoBs, and Social Security numbers.  It has not been mentioned whether the jump drive’s contents […] read more

Encrypt USB Key: Data Encryption Not Used On Missing Florida Department of Revenue USB Stick.

Data Encryption Not Used On Florida Department of Revenue Employee loses USB stick Contents not encrypted, password-protection used (why this is bad) If the USB key was encrypted, it would have been better It’s being reported that data encryption was not used on a stolen USB key that contained sensitive information. Florida Department of Revenue […] read more

Drive Encryption Software: Pfizer Loses External Hard Drive Inadvertently.

Pfizer is back in the news due to a data breach.  And, it looks like they still don’t have drive encryption like AlertBoot deployed across their organization.  At least, that’s my assumption based on the fact that a low risk of identity theft is associated with trash pick-ups and not encryption software. Pfizer – Recurring […] read more

Hard Disk Encryption: Lax Data Controls Put New Zealanders At Risk.

A study by the New Zealand Privacy Commissioner has revealed that New Zealanders are at risk of having their personal details compromised.  A government survey has revealed lax security practices when it comes to portable storage devices.  For example, 43 percent of agencies did not provide disk encryption software while allowing the use of USB […] read more

Hard Drive Encryption: Charity Finds Laptop Stolen During Break-In.

East Burke Christian Ministries–a charity operating out of  Hildebran, North Carolina since the 1990s–experienced a burglary that has resulted in the data breach of over 1,000 Social Security numbers.  An old laptop computer and some petty cash were stolen sometime last week.  The burglar broke two doors in order to do so.  It doesn’t sound […] read more

USB Security Takes On New Meaning: North Korean Defectors Steal Memory Device From Korean Embassy.

The Korean media is all over a news story regarding North Korean defectors.  Based on the reports, two North Korean defectors who were admitted to the Korean Embassy in China, in December of last year, absconded with a USB memory stick that contained sensitive information.  I’d never have thought for the need like data encryption […] read more

Disk Encryption Software Not Deployed On USB Disk Missing At Bradford Teaching Hospitals?.

A health worker at Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust has lost a USB memory stick with patient details for 2,650 surgical patients and 3,000 patients on a waiting list.  There is no mention whether data encryption software like AlertBoot was used to secure the contents, although circumstances hint that it wasn’t used. The missing […] read more

Data Encryption On Medical USB Drives From Kaiser Permanente.

Kaiser Permanente, the HMO, is offering about a third of its members a USB flash drive filled with their medical information.  It will cost members $5 and, while it won’t hold all of a member’s medical information, there will be enough of it to help during an emergency.  Naturally, the information is sensitive, so the […] read more