Data Security: 41% Of Employees Steal Corporate Data.

A survey carried out in the US and UK has found that 41% of employees have willingly taken corporate information.  When one has a data breach due to accidental loss or theft, data protection solutions like full disk encryption can mitigate the ensuing developments.  However, what can one do when the threat comes from the […] read more

Hard Drive Encryption: Army Corps Of Engineers Data Breach With Missing External Drive – 60,000 Affected.

The Corps of Engineers have lost an external hard drive.  The use of disk encryption software like AlertBoot was not mentioned (the use of encryption lowers the risk of a data breach).  The incident took place in Dallas, Texas, where the Corps’s Southwestern Division is headquartered. 60,000 Soldiers and Civilians Affected The information security breach […] read more

Disk Encryption Software: Ashford and St Peter’s Loses USB Drives, Pledges Better Handling.

Three missing USB memory drives have prompted the Ashford and St Peter’s Hospitals NHS Trust to sign an undertaking with the Information Commissioner’s Office.  The missing devices, which did not use full disk encryption, held cancer patient data. The Details The data included full treatment and diagnosis of cancer patients, and was stored in Microsoft […] read more

Hard Drive Encryption Software: Roane State Community College Data Breach.

9,747 current and former students and 1,194 employees at Roane State Community College have been alerted to a data breach.  The data was stored on a USB drive.  While the academic institution does have “policies [to] define rules for protecting confidential data,” it hasn’t been revealed whether full disk encryption like AlertBoot was used to […] read more

Disk Encryption Software: Pitt County Memorial Hospital Loses USB Disk.

Pitt County Memorial Hospital has notified 1,700 patients that their personal information has been breached.  A USB flashdrive with patient names and SSNs has been found missing (yeah, I know.  That’s an oxymoron).  There is no mention on whether data security software, like hard disk encryption from AlertBoot, was used. The information dates back to […] read more

Drive Encryption Software: VA Dept Of Education Flashdrive Missing.

The Virginia Department of Education has announced the loss of a 2-gigabyte flashdrive that contained the personal information of 103,000 former adult education students.  The device did not use disk encryption software like AlertBoot to protect its contents. The personal information, according to the, included SSNs, names, employment, and demographic information for those who: Finished […] read more

USB Encryption: Memory Stick Encryption Software Programs Can Protect Your Data.

All the recent news about stolen laptops with sensitive has got me thinking: hard drive encryption software goes a long way in protecting the information on a lost laptop.  However, laptops are not the only digital devices that would benefit from the use of disk encryption. USB Memory Sticks Are Breach Vectors, Too The story […] read more