Enterprise BYOD: SF Giants Is An SMB When It Comes To IT.

The Chief Information Officer (CIO) of the San Francisco Giants (they’re a US baseball team) has revealed how he goes about implementing BYOD.  What’s interesting is that, from an IT perspective, they face the same issues small to medium enterprises (SME) would face when it comes to BYOD security. “We’re Not an IT Company” Based […] read more

Android Security: Security App Is The Threat (Because It’s A Trojan).

New malware targeting Google’s Android OS masquerades as a security app, says Kaspersky Lab.  While not perfect, it’s because of trojans like these that one should exercise caution when downloading apps from Google Play (formerly Android Market) and, especially, from third-party app markets. Android Security Suite Premium The trojan, which goes by the name of […] read more

Smartphone Security: Samsung Galaxy S3 Unlocked Using Face Pic.

The IB Times UK is reporting that their own tests show the Samsung Galaxy SIII (or S3, if you prefer) currently cannot tell the difference between a picture of the phone’s owner and a living, breathing user.  Consequently, their recommendation is that some other way of securing the phone should be used in lieu of the […] read more

Smartphone Scam: Fake Angry Birds Result in £50,000 Fine.

The majority of malware attacks on smartphones come in the form of spyware and SMS trojans.  A UK company was fined £50,000 (approximately $78,000) for dabbling in the latter.  One key aspect of smartphone data protection is to download apps from reputable sources only. Secretly Spoofed Apps Send Premium SMS According to msnbc.com, a company […] read more

Smartphone Security: Locating Stolen Smart Devices Hit-Or-Miss In Berkeley Police Scandal.

How many police officers does it take to find a stolen iPhone that’s pinpointing its location?  Apparently, more than ten, if a couple of articles are to be believed, such as one from the theatlantic.com.  It just goes on to prove that a mix of different approaches to security works best, and you’ve best have […] read more