Data Encryption And Security: Breaches More Stressful Than Divorce.

According to new survey, protecting a company’s data is more stressing than getting a divorce or getting fired.  I didn’t think I’d live the day when I could claim that data encryption software like AlertBoot can be used to relieve stress. 72% Think Divorces are Easier According to the survey by Websense, 1,000 IT managers […] read more

Reputation Cost Of A Data Breach: One Year.

According to a new Ponemon Survey, the negative effects of a data breach last about one year.  That is, it takes that long to restore a company’s reputation to its pre-breach levels.  The use of laptop encryption software like AlertBoot  and other data security tools will minimize the risk of such a thing happening.  Is […] read more

Vox Populi: NHS Data Breaches = People Fired.

A survey of 1,001 patients has resulted in 87% agreeing that managers of NHS should be sacked or fined if there was a serious data breach, assuming they knew there was a risk but failed to act.  Based on events over the past couple of years, I imagine that instances where disk encryption software is […] read more

Information Security Breach Cost: How Much Can You Get Off For Credit Monitoring?.

A quickie on data breach costs.  Or rather, one aspect of a data breach cost. When one deals with the costs of a data breach, making assumptions becomes a necessity for the lack of data.  Companies are generally not forthcoming when it comes to listing out how much it cost to remediate a particular aspect […] read more

Laptop Encryption Software Second Most Important For PHI Breaches?.

A new survey released by Veriphyr shows that over seventy percent of healthcare organizations have experienced at least one data breach over the past 12 months. notes that insiders accounted for more breaches than cybercriminals, which has always been the case.  But, it also turns out that insider attacks were more prevalent than the […] read more

Data Encryption Software: Tom’s Hardware Also Notes The Need For Longer Passwords.

Another day, another article that shows how passwords of eight characters long are not deemed secure anymore.  The beauty of Tom’s Hardware is that, aside from noting what should be obvious by now if you’re a reader of general security news, is that they test things using their own equipment, plus go into more depth […] read more

Cost Of A Data Breach: Gamers Are Trading PS3 For Xbox.

The cost of a data breach usually comes in the form of fines and other costs related to notifying affected customers, not to mention the sudden outlays for data protection tools like laptop encryption software from AlertBoot (although, arguably, that’s not a “cost” related to the breach).  I don’t think I’ve ever run across a […] read more