Laptop Encryption Software: UK Schools Show Rise In Laptop Thefts.

It looks like the need for drive encryption software from AlertBoot might be on the rise for educational institutions in the UK.  According to a small survey, nearly one-third of respondents were victims of stolen computer equipment. 100 UK Schools, Colleges, and Universities Surveyed According to a survey by LapSafe, 27 per cent had IT […] read more

Data Security: Why Salting Password Hashes Is Required But Has Limitations.

The big news in the data security arena this week is, of course, the hack at  Thankfully, data encryption software was used to protect credit card numbers at Zappos, so the fallout from the data breach is curtailed to what is generally considered “less sensitive” data (but, as more and more articles point out, […] read more

Drive Encryption: Data Lost In Transit Is Now #2 Reason For Data Breaches.

According to the Identity Theft Resource Center, hacking is now the leading cause of data breaches followed by data lost in transit (laptops, external storage devices, USB flash disks, etc) and insider theft (#2 and #3, respectively).  All the more reason why encryption software should be used. 419 Publically Disclosed Breaches in 2011 According to […] read more

Data Encryption: 50% Of K-12 Use Encryption To Protect Students’ Data. has an expose on the problem of child identity theft.  The issue of using child IDs for illegal purposes is not new to people following data security issues: in May of this year, for example, I blogged on two women who exclusively used students’ SSNs to commit ID fraud.  Only 50% of K-12 Schools […] read more

Data Encryption Software: In The UK, Computer Encryption Is Half Empty Glass.

Or a half full glass, depending on how you view it.  According to a study, about half of UK businesses have installed data encryption, something similar to AlertBoot, on their computers. 52% Use Encryption According to the survey, 52% have confirmed the use of data encryption software on their laptops, 43% have say they did […] read more

Data Security Stats: UK Private Sector Breaches Up 58% YOY.

According to a new press release by the UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), the number of data security breaches reported by English companies have increased by 58% year-over-year.  Greater awareness is credited with the surprising increase; apparently, however, greater awareness doesn’t directly translate to greater engagement in data security practices such as deploying laptop encryption […] read more

Full Disk Encryption For SMEs: UK Car Mechanic’s Laptop Stolen.

A car mechanic in Southport (UK) has been contacting clients, warning them of the possibility of a data breach.  As a small business (his database contained 600 customers, some going as far back as 23 years), he might have been under the impression that hard drive encryption for his laptop was not necessary.  Many small […] read more