Laptop Security For University Students.

The Daily Bruin, a UCLA publication, is carrying an article about laptop thefts on their campus.  Eleven computer-related thefts were already reported in the month of October, despite the fact that this is not the beginning of the year anymore, and hence, one would assume, that students are not as trusting as they were at […] read more

A Sure-Fire Way of Preventing Endpoint Security Breaches In Phishing Scams. has recently issued an alert to their customers, letting them know that a employee was the victim of a phishing scam.  This allowed the phishers  to copy customer contact list which was subsequently used for sending e-mails that looked like invoices, but designed to collect passwords.  Perhaps this was an exploratory […] read more

Full Disk Encryption For the Really (Really) Bad Times?.

I have been following a story for the past couple of days regarding the political events in Burma (Myanmar, if you prefer).  More specifically, I’m following, or have attempted to follow an article that showed up in the Times where it was claimed that Burmese police and diplomats showed up at United Nations offices in […] read more