UK Data Encryption: FOI Request Finds ICO Fines Lower, Breach Incidents Higher.

A freedom of information request, filed by ViaSat for data held by the UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), has led to the conclusion that data breach incidents have grown in the British Isles in the past year by 37%.  The same data shows that monetary penalties by the ICO have fallen in the same period.  […] read more

Business Associates And HIPAA: Boston Medical Center Cuts Ties With Transcription Service Provider.

Boston Medical Center has cut ties with a vendor, a transcription company that they had been doing business with for 10 years, after the latter had a data breach, according to Over 15,000 patients were affected when their information was posted to a website operated and used by MDF Transcription Services (and its subcontractors). […] read more

HIPAA Business Associate: Not Having A Written Agreement Is Grounds For Reporting A Data Breach.

When it comes to preventing HIPAA data breaches, one of the best ways of doing so is via the use of PHI encryption software.  However, there are so many aspects to the HIPAA Security Rule that sometimes it gets confusing.  For example, what happens if you violate one HIPAA rule while you have encryption in […] read more

Data Breaches: UK ICO Declines To Investigate Supposed Santander Email Breach.

The Information Commissioner’s Office in the United Kingdom has declined to investigate Santander, the Spanish banking group, for a purported data breach.  According to, people who’ve set up emails that are strictly used for correspondence with Santander are being spammed with junk mail, lending credence to the theory that the bank’s database was breached. […] read more

Encryption: NSA And GCHQ Can Foil Crypto.

The US National Security Agency (NSA) and the UK Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) are able to foil most, if not all, of the encryption that is used on the internet, according to The New York Times and The Guardian.  The revelation comes from the information that was leaked by Edward Snowden earlier this summer (links […] read more