Real Data Security Is Necessary In Virtual Environments As Well.

The Infotech section of the India Times on-line recently carried an article where an insider leaked software code to a rival team.  I’m not sure if actually happened, or if it’s just a what-if scenario, but it is readily believable.  In fact, I’ll bet it’s not unusual, although I doubt it’s common.  Essentially, the insider […] read more

Written Rules Are Worthless When It Comes To Ensuring Data Security.

While scanning the latest data security breach stories, I have noticed that a lot of them involve institutions of higher learning.  Most of them involve theft of digital devices, mostly laptops.  It’s only now that I’ve realized that a new school year has started just recently.  Most of these cases are trivial, if you will.  […] read more

Full Disk Encryption By Itself Is Partial Protection, but AlertBoot Provides COMPLETE PROTECTION.

Almost on a daily basis we hear about large organizations losing laptops or computer media with confidential customer or employee data.  The companies are then forced to determine their risk and liability by confirming whether or not the data was encrypted. The legal position is that encrypted data translates to no data loss¸ and the […] read more