Hard Drive Encryption: Desktop Computer Stolen From Lahore Prosecution Department.

Burglars broke into the Prosecution Department offices at the Lahore District Court and stole a desktop computer.  While the world may be moving towards a more mobile workforce (BYOD and the “Consumerization of IT”), the number of desktop computers — and the people chained to their work desks — is substantial.  They, too, need to […] read more

Data Encryption Software: Prey Tracking Software Software Turns You Into Predator.

I’ve come across a suntimes.com review of a device tracking “spyware” called “Prey.”  Based on open-sourced software (and not without its controversy), it’s a root-level software that will keep track of devices via the internet, assuming a connection is available.  While I can see the benefits of such software, it’s incompatible with disk encryption programs […] read more

Hard Disk Encryption Protects Data When Accessed By Unauthorized User? Not Quite.

In an article titled “Is Your Patient Data Secure?” Sara Michael makes observations on the importance of data security when it comes to patient information.  Furthermore, she notes how password protection is not adequate when it comes to data security (one should opt for the use of data encryption software, such as AlertBoot endpoint security […] read more

iPhone Worm Password Cracked By Data Security Company.

You’ve probably heard the news by now that there is an iPhone worm making its way out of Australia.  Initially, it started out as a prank.  However, many security professionals pointed out that this code can be modified to do some real harm. Now, those fears have come true, with a second iPhone worm out […] read more

Full Disk Encryption Could Prevent Those Pesky eBay Data Breaches: 40% Hold Sensitive Data.

But don’t take it from me.  Take it from “Charles Kolodgy, an analyst with research firm IDC,” who was quoted in an article for Computerworld.  I’ve often pointed out that full disk encryption software from companies like AlertBoot would make data breaches due to on-line auctions a problem of the past.  Kolodgy seems to be […] read more