Disk Encryption: 4500 USB Thumbdrives Lost At UK Dry Cleaners.

Sometimes, drive encryption is useful not to thwart super-hackers, but to prevent breaches arising from living our daily lives.  Consider this recently released survey:  A study has found that 4,500 memory sticks were lost last year at the cleaners in the UK. Or rather, it was left in the pockets of garments; whether they ultimately […] read more

Drive Encryption Software: Canada’s PHIPA Requires The Use Of Encryption On Mobile Health Data.

The Durham data breach from last week (and reported earlier this week) has been met with incredulity by the Ontario Information and Privacy Commissioner.  A directive to use data encryption has been issued, prohibiting the transfer of sensitive data if encryption is not used. As you’ll recall, the loss of a USB key meant the […] read more

Data Encryption Software: Detroit Medical Data Breach Affects 10,000.

Sensitive, personal information that does not appear to be protected with encryption software like AlertBoot has been stolen from the Detroit Department of Health and Wellness Promotion on two separate occasions. One involves a USB memory stick; the other involves a break-in where desktops computers were stolen from a health complex.  A total of 10,000 […] read more

Drive Encryption: Health Net Loses Info On Half-Million Connecticut Residents.

Health Net has announced the loss of a portable disk drive which has resulted in a data breach of 446,000 people.  Data security programs, such as full disk encryption from AlertBoot, were not used to secure the personal information.  This happened six months ago, and, boy, is Connecticut’s Attorney General Blumenthal angry. Looks Like Health […] read more