iPhone Encryption Is For Naught Under Linux.

There are reports that an iPhone will reveal its content when hooked up to the newest release of Ubuntu Linux.  This, despite the fact that the latest iPhone generation–iPhone GS–comes with built-in hardware encryption.  Goes to show that “having disk encryption” and “having your data protected” are not always the same thing. Ubuntu 10.4 Lucid […] read more

Hard Disk Encryption And Centrally Management: A Recipe For Better Security.

I see LaCie’s fancy new external hard disk drive comes with AES-128 encryption.  Well, more than that, really.  It’s got biometric fingerprint access (which, tends to have an error rate that could get someone other than you into the device’s contents, but is still cool), and a shock-proof enclosure. It’s $190 for 500 GB and […] read more

Drive Encryption: Lake Ridge Middle School Loses USB Drive (Updated).

(Update, 26 May 2010) Apparently, the USB drive was stolen “from a bag in an administrator’s unlocked car in her unlocked garage.”  Approximately 1,200 students were affected by the breach. Lake Ridge Middle School, in Virginia, has sent breach notification letters to students’ parents.  According to this letter, a USB thumb drive that contained student information […] read more

Disk Encryption Software: Portable Drive Stolen From Millennium Medical, 180,00 Affected.

A portable hard drive was stolen from a medical billing company–Millennium Medical Management Resources, in Westmont, IL–in February.  Letters being sent by the company indicate that disk encryption, like AlertBoot, was not used to protect sensitive information. Over 180,000 Affected At this point, it seems that the story can only get bigger.  ABC in Chicago […] read more

Hard Disk and File Encryption: Complementary Measures for Better Security.

(This is a continuation to a blog post titled Encryption: The Only Data Security Method That’s Easy.) When it comes to protecting information on your computer, there are essentially two tools: file encryption and disk encryption.  What’s the difference, and why would one choose one over the other?  Is one better than the other? The […] read more

Disk Encryption Software Not Used On Missing Woodbury USB Drive.

As reported at databreaches.net, Woodbury Financial Services, a broker with The Hartford, has announced the loss of a portable media device that did not make the use of data encryption software.  The Hartford has filed a breach notification letter with the New Hampshire Attorney General. Three NH Residents Affected The letter to the AG notes […] read more

Hard Disk Encryption: Providence Hospital External Drive Missing.

Providence Hospital, in Southfield, Michigan, has mailed breach notification letters to an undisclosed number of patients.  An external hard drive used for backup purposes went missing in February of this year; there is no word on whether data encryption software like AlertBoot was used to protect the contents. Only 12 Patients’ SSNs As hospital breaches […] read more