Drive Encryption Software: AIDS Group Four A’s Suffers Data Breach.

A breach story from two weeks ago: The Alaska Aids Assistance Association–known as the Four A’s–has announced the theft of a data storage device with sensitive information.  It was not revealed whether data encryption software was used to protect the information.  There is a suspect in the case. PHI Stolen? The executive director of the […] read more

Full Disk Encryption Became A Little More Necessary Today. has an article today about a new tool that reveals internet passwords.  As most security guys would point out, there is nothing “new” about this tool, hence my title above would technically be misleading (in that FDE is as necessary today as it was yesterday, not more necessary today).  And yet, I would agree […] read more

Drive Encryption Software: AvMed Revises Breach From 200,000 to 1.2 Million.

Another example why you’re better off protecting your laptop computers with hard disk encryption like AlertBoot, as opposed to ensuring things are locked up properly.  AvMed has announced that their breach from February actually affected 1.2 million patients, not the initial 200,000 people they reported. Second Revision of Figures Per my count, this is the […] read more

Hard Disk Encryption: Berkshire Council In Breach Of Data Protection Act.

West Berkshire Council has been found in breach of the Data Protection Act.  It looks like the Information Commissioner’s Office has declined to fine them (they got the right to do so in April, to the tune of £500,000).  What does this mean for the use of drive encryption software like AlertBoot? Council Loses Unencrypted […] read more