Drive Encryption Software: Wackenhut Announces Loss Of Hard Drive In Iraq.

Wackenhut Services has reported the breach of employee data to the New Hampshire Attorney General.  It appears that sensitive information, including Social Security numbers, were contained in a stolen drive that was not protected with disk encryption software. I must say that the notification letter is quite odd.  What does Missouri have to do with […] read more

Portable Drive Encryption: 2 Arrested At True Religion Jeans Store For Identity Theft.

This is one of those stories that make you go “whaaaaa…..?”  Apparently, the discovery of a portable hard drive — which I must assume did not make use of hard drive encryption — led to the arrest of two True Religion jeans customers who were acting suspiciously. It’s one of the weirder stories I’ve read […] read more

External Drive Encryption Software: U Of Arizona Loses Hard Drive.

The University of Arizona has announced the loss of a hard drive from its secure records room in Old Main, the institution’s admissions office.  Up to 8,300 former students may be affected.  It has not been reported whether the device was secured with full disk encryption like AlertBoot, which would make it hard for a […] read more

Drive Encryption Software Used in Messiah College External Backup Hard Drive? (Update).

Messiah College is contacting 43,000 current, former, and prospective students (and in some cases, parents and guardians!) that they are involved in a data breach.  A computer hard drive, which contained sensitive information, went missing two weeks ago.  There is no mention of whether disk encryption software was used to protect the information.(Update: 22 NOV […] read more