USB Drive Data Encryption Software: 550 Oregon Dept. Of Corrections Employees Affected.

A USB flashdrive containing the information on approximately 550 employees for the Oregon Department of Corrections was found and turned in to the appropriate authorities.  It’s quite apparent that data encryption like AlertBoot was not used on the flashdrive, seeing how a member of the public turned it in after seeing the information on the […] read more

Drive Encryption Software: Cause Criminals Break Through Weatherboards.

This is the second craziest story I’ve read about when it comes to the security of premises (and data).  Apparently, there was a break-in at an Australian crafts center (bear with me), where a laptop computer was stolen.  No word on whether there was any sensitive information on the computer, and whether it was protected […] read more

Hard Disk Encryption Protects Data When Accessed By Unauthorized User? Not Quite.

In an article titled “Is Your Patient Data Secure?” Sara Michael makes observations on the importance of data security when it comes to patient information.  Furthermore, she notes how password protection is not adequate when it comes to data security (one should opt for the use of data encryption software, such as AlertBoot endpoint security […] read more