Data Encryption: Samsung, LG AMOLED Secrets Leaked Via USB Memory Stick.

The big news tonight, in Korea, was that key technologies related to Samsung and LG’s AMOLED displays were smuggled out by employees of an Israeli subsidiary in Korea.  How did these intrepid yet arrested men manage to do this?  With a 4 GB USB memory stick that, last time I checked, cost less than $10.  […] read more

Port Control And Security: 15,000 Social Security Numbers Stolen From NY State Agency.

A subcontractor working on computer hardware upgrades at the NY Social Security Agency was charged with stealing 15,000 Social Security numbers.  It reminds me of the one true maxim about data security threats, that you’ll never know exactly where or how the next one will appear.  In fact, this is why full disk encryption like […] read more

Disk Encryption Important, USB Port Control As Important: IBM Hands Out Malware-Ridden USB Drives At Security Conference.

IBM has announced that freebie USB drives handed out at this week’s AusCERT conference–in Queensland, Australia–were infected with malware.  For those who are under the impression that data encryption is the be all, end all of computer security, this is another wakeup call. Embarrassing Situation for IBM, Deja Vu The situation is more embarrassing than […] read more

USB Encryption: Memory Stick Encryption Software Programs Can Protect Your Data.

All the recent news about stolen laptops with sensitive has got me thinking: hard drive encryption software goes a long way in protecting the information on a lost laptop.  However, laptops are not the only digital devices that would benefit from the use of disk encryption. USB Memory Sticks Are Breach Vectors, Too The story […] read more