Drive Encryption Software: Alaska Hit With 77,000 Worker Data Breach.

Over 70,000 Alaskans have had their personal information “misplaced.”  People who are affected are former and current state employees who participated in the PERS and TRS system–Alaska’s retirement systems.  It wasn’t revealed how the breach occurred, but I’m assuming it was digital, and that data encryption was not used. PricewaterhouseCoopers Doesn’t Know Where Information Is […] read more

Disk Encryption: Cost Of Breach Rises To $209 Per Customer Record.

Can disk encryption software ever deliver a positive ROI?  Yes, I’d argue, if you take the following release into consideration: The Ponemon Institute’s annual findings on the cost of customer data breaches. Data Breach Costs $209 Per Customer The survey by the Ponemon Institute is an annual one, and started five years ago: The initial […] read more

Data Encryption Software: Lincoln National Corp Alerts Of Potential Breach Regarding Passwords.

Lincoln National, a financial services company based out of Concord, NH, has alerted the New Hampshire AG about a potential data breach involving passwords.  It’s type of thing that can easily subvert any type of data security scheme, including hard disk encryption. Shared Passwords According to the letter to the AG, subsidiaries to Lincoln National […] read more

Data Encryption Software: Hacking Top Reason For Data Breaches.

Is full disk encryption becoming less important?  According to a new report by, hacking is now the number one cause for data braches, followed by internal attacks, as reported by PC World. That’s Not Quite Right… I must take some issue with the PC World article, though.  There are two sets of stats, and […] read more

Data Encryption Software: What The Brittany Murphy Leak Teaches Us.

I generally don’t comment on popular news, especially tragic ones.  But one of my RSS feeds on “information leaks” picked up on the death of Brittany Murphy, and wanted to note that, sometimes, it doesn’t matter how much you’ve spent on data security like laptop encryption software; you will still have a data breach. Drugs, […] read more

Data Encryption Software: RockYou Sued After Data Breach.

RockYou, a developer of online applications and services–such as slideshow apps and games for Web 2.0 sites like Facebook and MySpace–has been named in a class action lawsuit this past Monday.  Among the complaints lies the fact that RockYou did not use encryption like AlertBoot to safeguard personal information against data breaches. Will RockYou have […] read more