Data Encryption Software: Guitar Hero Password Entry Prevents Rubber Hose Password Cracks.

The psychological concept of “implicit learning” is being touted as a way of “memorizing” very complicated passwords that these cannot be revealed via blunt-force threats, aka “rubber hose attacks.”  The password mechanism could mean enhanced security, I admit.  After all, the weakest part of any mobile security software, including disk encryption software like AlertBoot, is, […] read more

Data Security: Formspring Resets 28 Million Passwords After Hashed Password Leak.

Following the password leaks of LinkedIn, eHarmony, and from last month, Formspring, described as a question-and-answer website, has announced and plugged up a password leak.  One differentiating factor: Unlike the earlier data breaches Formspring used proper data security, at least in name only: they first salted their passwords before hashing them. 420,000 Passwords Post […] read more

What The Dirty Dozen Teaches Us About Security Questions.

I was reading an article at the New York Times online on passwords (and their “dreaded security questions” such as “In what city were you born?”) and how they are impossible to keep straight.  This being the Fashion & Style section (whodda thunk it?  Data security issues covered in the fashion section of the Gray […] read more

Smartphone Security: Samsung Galaxy S3 Unlocked Using Face Pic.

The IB Times UK is reporting that their own tests show the Samsung Galaxy SIII (or S3, if you prefer) currently cannot tell the difference between a picture of the phone’s owner and a living, breathing user.  Consequently, their recommendation is that some other way of securing the phone should be used in lieu of the […] read more

How To Hide Files? To Start With, Get Your Facts Straight.

I read a dated article titled “How To Hide Files From The Law.”  The article is actually about Fifth Amendment rights, and not necessarily about hiding files from the law per se.  (That being said, how do you do it?  Use laptop encryption software like AlertBoot.) In fact, I had covered the same “forcing […] read more

FTC: What Are Reasonable Safeguards To Protect Users’ Information?.

A couple of weeks ago, RockYou settled with the FTC on the “charges that, while touting its security features, it failed to protect the privacy of its users, allowing hackers to access the personal information of 32 million users.” (  This is not the first time that FTC has brought charges against a company for […] read more