Biometrics And BYOD Data Security: Doctor Uses "Silicone Fingertips" To Clock-In Colleagues.

You have a smartphone or a tablet (or both…and then some) and it’s full of data you want to protect.  So, you turn on device encryption and secure it with a password.  But, you have too many passwords in your life and wonder whether there isn’t a better method to control access to your device.  […] read more

Password Security: Being Bad At Grammar Means You’re A Genius When It Comes To Security.

If you use any type of computer encryption, including AlertBoot Mobile Security to secure your laptop computer, passwords are a way of life.  So, when I heard that researchers at Carnegie Mellon University were able to crack long “passwords” because they were grammatically correct, it caught my interest. On the one hand, it’s a tremendous […] read more

Data Security: IEEE 100K Username And Password Breach Analyzed By Whistleblower.

Radu Dragusin, who on September 24 alerted the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) that they were inadvertently exposing members’ unhashed usernames and passwords, has released an analysis of the breached data.  Conclusions based on what I’ve read:  (1) IEEE members are human, (2) a site’s logs should be guarded carefully (and set up […] read more

BYOD Security: Microsoft Hotmail Passwords Must Be 16 Characters Or Less.

It’s being reported that Hotmail, Microsoft’s free on-line email service, is alerting users that account passwords can “contain up to 16 characters.”  Common sense tells us that this is not necessarily the most secure practice in the world.  In fact, when it comes to portable device security, such as protecting a smartphone that is part […] read more

HIPAA Computer Encryption: NYU Langone Medical Notifies 8,400 Of Desktop Computer Theft.

NYU Langone Medical Center is embroiled in a data breach, its second in approximately one year.  According to the medical center’s press release, a desktop computer, which was not protected with data encryption software like AlertBoot, was stolen on May 23 from the office of the chair of the Department of Neurosurgery. Approximately 8,400 Affected […] read more