Meds Help With Headaches. File Encryption Can, Too.

Santa Ana claimed that history repeats itself.  It seems that this statement can be modified to read, “Data breaches repeat themselves.”  Now, if you or your company decides to use encryption software like AlertBoot, it could be modified to read, “theft happens.  Thank god we don’t have a data breach.”   Yeah.  I’m no Santa […] read more

Hard Drive Encryption In Stolen ISU Laptop. Is Alerting Students A Disservice?.

The Indiana State University at Terre Haute is alerting current and former students that they may be victims of a data breach.  A laptop computer used by a faculty member has been stolen.  It seems to me that ISU is crying wolf, in a sense, if what I’m reading is correct.  Supposedly, encryption solutions like […] read more

HK Hospital Loses Floppy Disks About To Be Protected With Data Encryption.

A hospital in Hong Kong, Yan Chai Hospital, has announced that they’ve lost a set of floppy disks containing the medical record applications of 3000 people.  That’s medical record applications, not medical records—apparently, you have to submit an application to receive your medical records, and it’s the information on that application that has been lost.  […] read more

Data Encryption Not The Only Game In Town For Laptop Theft.

One of the best ways to prevent a data breach if one’s laptop gets stolen is to have the contents encrypted.  Whether one decides to use file encryption or hard drive encryption is up to the needs of each company.  And while the data will ultimately be protected from the thieves, the truth is that encryption […] read more

Use Encryption To Prevent Lose-Lose Scenarios: Comment On Ameritrade Settlement Proposal.

Ameritrade is proposing a settlement to a class action lawsuit filed in response to their data breach last year.  Approximately 6.3 million customers were affected by the incident.  Although there have been no reports of identity theft yet—and, honestly speaking, we won’t know for some time, I imagine.  Attempts at identity theft tend to mature […] read more