Data Encryption: New Hacker Tool Makes Browser Padlock Useless, Employs Man In The Middle Attacks.

A security researcher has shown a way to defeat the security of web browsers’ padlocks (also known as SSL, which encrypts your on-line communications, for those who are interested).  But in testimony to how the use of data encryption software can increase information security,  the attack is a man-in-the-middle (MITM) attack, not an attack on […] read more

Hard Drive Encryption Software: Not Only Wall Street That Doesn’t Get It.

When I write that “they” don’t get “it,” I don’t necessarily mean the need for hard drive encryption software like AlertBoot.  No, rather, the “it” here refers to that slightly paranoid feeling one gets when he’s not doing anything remotely close to securing electronic data.  Indeed, studies reveal that people start heavily investing in data […] read more

CIA Operative Is A Footy Jock With Tattoos: Why USB Key Security Requires Data Encryption.

I’ve got to laugh at this story I’ve come across, not because it’s funny, but because it’s wrong on so many levels.  It just goes on to show why the concept of data security was conceived in the first place, and why data encryption software is required if one’s dealing with sensitive information.  You know, […] read more

Indian Firms Are Engaging Data Encryption At Faster Rates, Surpass US.

Such is the conclusion arrived in the State of Information Security Survey 2008 conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers, CIO, and CSO magazines, according to  The survey polled 7,000 IT executives in 119 countries.  According to the breakdown by TechTree, 55 percent of Asian firms are encrypting databases, 50 percent are adopting laptop encryption, and 47 percent […] read more