Data Security: VZ Director Says FUD Is Out Of Control.

I still haven’t gotten around to reading Verizon’s 2011 Data Breach Investigations Report (74 pages long!), but I have run across summaries of the report.  Essentially, the number of breaches have increased dramatically but the number of compromised records have decreased dramatically.  I’d say it’s a win for data protection software, including drive encryption software […] read more

Data Encryption Software: If So Good At Protecting Data, How To Account For Wikileak?.

The big news today is the release of US diplomatic cables via WikiLeaks.  I’ve read somewhere–sorry can’t produce a link because today’s been a blur of Wikileak-related stories–that the leaked embassy missives are classified as “secret,” at least.  What this means is that the communiqués were protected with data encryption. A friend asked me, if […] read more

Data Encryption: India’s Communication Companies Must Provide Access–RIM, Google, Skype.

India and communications companies are still (were?) at loggerheads over the use of encryption technology, the same technology that powers AlertBoot endpoint encryption software.  It was reported today that, in addition to RIM–the operators of BlackBerry devices–and Skype, Google has been asked to provide access to encrypted information. Issue Ongoing from July I’ve already covered the […] read more

Data Encryption Software: London Clinic Patient Information For Sale.

While data encryption software is often recommended to enhance the security of sensitive data, there are those instances when it cannot fulfill its potential.  Therefore, policies are often created prohibiting its dissemination–and when such policies go national, they’re called laws.  Often times, those are ignored as well.  Or, there may be a loophole. London Clinic […] read more