Laptop Data Security In China: Always Keep It With You??.

Are you traveling to China or Russia for business?  Taking a laptop computer or smartphone?  You might want to rethink that, according to  If you must, you should “assume government or industry spooks will steal your data and install spyware.”  One of the ways to combat this particular sense of paranoia?  Laptop encryption – […] read more

Canada Data Encryption: Ottawa Pensioners’ Information Breached in Philippines.

The reports that approximately 800 Ottawa pensioners were affected when a hard drive belonging to Towers Watson — the American firm that specializes in human resources consulting — went missing from storage in Manila, the Philippines.  The drive in question was not protected with the likes of AlertBoot hard disk encryption. Company Thinks There’s […] read more

Data Encryption Software: Boston Children’s Hospital Laptop Stolen In Buenos Aires.

Argentina: the land of tango, “hand of God” Maradona, and, now, location where an employee at the Boston Children’s Hopsital lost a laptop with information on over 2,000 people.  The laptop computer in question was not protected with laptop encryption software like AlertBoot, triggering a medical data breach. South American Conference Why was the laptop […] read more

Data Encryption: Google Engineer At Center of WiSpy Meant To Collect Data.

Last week, I had offered some observations on Google’s problems with their “WiSpy” case.  Since then, of course, more revelations have been brought forth, such as the name of the Google engineer who’s at the center of the controversy. It’s quite obvious now that, contrary to Google’s claim, the collection of personal data in their […] read more

Hong Kong: Personal Data Privacy Amendment Bill 2011.

Earlier this year, I had noted that companies are not required to send data breach notifications to Hong Kong residents.  However, it appears that the Hong Kong legislature is not unaware or unresponsive to the need for personal data protections: Hong Kong has a bill (“Personal Data (Privacy)(Amendment) Bill 2011” — also referred to as […] read more

Data Encryption: Skype Encryption Cracked? Kinda.

Today I found an entry on with the headline “Chapel Hill Computational Linguists Crack Skype Calls.”  An introduction to the story claims that computational linguistics has been “used to crack Skype encryption.”  Is this true?  Well, your mileage may vary, but after reading all I could about the situation, I’d have to say “yes, […] read more