UK Disk Encryption Software: Harley Street Clinic Signs Undertaking.

HCA International Limited, the data controller to Harley Street Clinic, has signed an Undertaking with the UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office, admitting to a data breach which appears to have been completely avoidable: while the use of data encryption software such as AlertBoot was foregone, there were other protections in place. But, they did the equivalent […] read more

Disk Encryption Software: Estee Lauder Alerts NH Attorney General Of Laptop Theft. reports that cosmetics powerhouse Estee Lauder has alerted the New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office about a data breach.  The loss of a laptop compromised employee information, including SSNs.  It has not been revealed where the laptop was stolen or whether it was protected with laptop encryption software. Minimal Details Dissent at notes that […] read more

Laptop Encryption Software: NHS North Central London Loses 12 Laptops, Claims Minimal Risk (Updated).

NHS North Central London has announced that 12 laptop computers were stolen from a storage facility.  Of the computers, one supposedly contained the records for 8.63 million people (unconfirmed).  The computers were not protected with hard disk encryption like AlertBoot, although password-protection was used (which is a diary lock to encryption’s bank vault). Update ( […] read more

Notebook Computer Encryption Software: Exclusive Footwear Laptop Stolen…During Business Hours.

A shoe boutique in the UK has made an appeal to thieves, asking for the return of an aged notebook computer that was used as a customer database.  The main concern in this case doesn’t appear to be data security — which could have been easily resolved by the judicious use of laptop encryption software […] read more

K-12 Data Encryption: Student Records Need To Be Better Protected.

Student information needs to be better protected, be it via data encryption software or something else.  It just doesn’t make sense to keep things the way they are.  It just doesn’t. Criminals are Targeting Student Information I came across another ID theft ring story where student info was exclusively used for committing fraud, and, to […] read more

Drive Encryption Software: Omnicare (Kentucky) Notifies Nearly 9,000 Of Data Breach.

North Carolina residents who were being service by Omnicare, Inc., a Kentucky company that focuses on pharmaceutical care for senior citizens, were affected by the theft of a laptop.  The breach involved 8,845 patients.  It wasn’t revealed whether hard disk encryption like AlertBoot was used to protect the contents of the notebook computer, although the […] read more

Disk Encryption: California, Massachusetts, and Canada Look To Update Data Breach Laws.

California and Massachusetts have passed new bills that strengthen each state’s data breach notification laws, and Canada might be looking to get some “attention-getting fines” on the books. California The CA senate approved Senate bill 24, which updates the current legislation on breach notifications by requiring companies to also notify the Attorney General if an […] read more