Data Encryption: The US Government Has 35,000 People Working On Crypto.

According to, the US government spends $11 billion and dedicates 35,000 people each year to a program “dedicated to encryption,” which includes cracking encryption.  Most people would view this as a bad thing.  There are issues like the right to privacy and whatnot.  But the way I see it, this is actually good news […] read more

Hacking Disk Encryption: "Inception" For Cracking Encryption Released, Is Bwooooong-tastic.

Not too long ago, a tool for cracking laptop disk encryption was released by Elcomsoft.  In the latter’s case, it targeted machines that were using PGP, TrueCrypt, and Microsoft’s BitLocker.  The cracking tool made use of a vulnerability found on FireWire / iLink / 1394 port, a weakness that has been around for a while. […] read more

Disk Encryption: PGP/Symantec, TrueCrypt, and BitLocker Disk Encrypted Data Can Be Accessed With Forensic Software.

The Russian firm Elcomsoft has announced that they’ve built a decryption tool that can retrieve the encryption keys to PGP (now owned by Symantec), TrueCrypt, and BitLocker encrypted computers.  On some level, this means that the above three disk encryption solutions are less secure than AlertBoot.  On the other hand, this is a vulnerability that […] read more