The Continuing World War II Pigeon Saga: Canadians Chime Up.

If someone had told me I’d be ending 2012 blogging about a pigeon, I’d have said he was crazy.  Turns out he’d be crazy like a crystal ball-gazing fox.  According to numerous sites, a Canadian World War II enthusiast has broken the coded message found on a dead WWII messenger pigeon (blogged previously here and […] read more

BYOD USB Encryption: US Defense Department School In Germany Announces Data Breach.

According to the Stars and Stripes, more than 900 students at Ramstein Intermediate School (Germany) were affected when five USB memory sticks were stolen from an unlocked vehicle.  It’s being investigated whether encryption software like AlertBoot was used to secure the information, and whether the flashdrive device was authorized to be used on government computers. […] read more

Old Encryption Is Still Worth Its Mettle: WWII Pigeon Code Goes Unbroken.

Old encryption usually can’t hold a candle to modern, strong encryption like the AES-256 algorithm used in AlertBoot Mobile Security suite.  However, sometimes they can be more than effective.  For example, GCHQ has announced that the encrypted World War II message found with the remains of a dead pigeon — found about a month ago […] read more