Full Disk Encryption Could Have Saved Oklahoma Corporation Commission A Bunch Of Headaches.

Joe Sill bought fifty computers from a government auction.  His intent, according to koco.com, was to refurbish and resell them.  Instead, he’s had to put a hold on those plans because he found over 5000 Social Security numbers in the computers’ hard drives.  If only those drives had full disk encryption on them; then, Sill […] read more

Laptop Encryption Saves The Day In Stolen UK Laptop And CD eBay Sale. I Say They Have Bigger Problems Now.

Several sources are reporting that a CD and laptop from the British Home Office got sold on eBay.  The Home Office, also known as the Home Department, is that part of the government responsible for internal affairs: security, crime, counter?terrorism, border security, things of that nature.  A complete list is available on Wikipedia, if you’re interested.  […] read more

Healthcare Organizations Say Incidents of Data Breaches Growing. Secure Information With Computer and Laptop Encryption.

Healthcare organizations are beginning to feel the heat.  First, there is the surprise HIPAA security audits the Feds are planning on conducting.  I already blogged about it before, and how it was just a preliminary one.  The exercises to be conducted this year are to figure out how to approach such audits, and affect a […] read more

Government Conclusion: Irish Bloodbank Did Not Breach Data Protection Act Because Laptop Encryption Was Used.

Irish Blood Transfusion Services did not breach the Data Protection Act when their donors’ information got stolen earlier this month.  Or rather, when the laptop containing their donors’ information was stolen. The Data Protection Commission found “…that the encryption in place on the laptop was sufficient to ensure that there is only the remotest of possibilities […] read more

California Expands Data Breach Notification Laws – A Supplement To HIPAA?.

California has recently passed a law updating their state Data Breach Notification laws.  In addition to reporting those instances where financial information was breached, businesses with clients in California will have to notify instances where medical information was compromised.  Those who haven’t been following such things closely may wonder if this is truly news (and […] read more

Newfoundland Student Data Breach Affects 28,000. Laptop Security Lacking.

The Canadian Press is reporting that the Eastern School District administrative offices reported four laptops missing, presumably stolen. from a secure location with guards and security pass entry.  I’m guessing the latter is a reference to some kind of electronic key card system.   The information on those machines took several days to compile, and […] read more

Information Security Breach Of Desktop Hard Drive At Massachusetts School Department.

It had to happen sooner or later.  A hard drive, on what I assume to be a desktop computer, was stolen from the Malden headquarters Department of Education, in Massachusetts.  An auditor for the department arrived to work last week only to find that his computer wouldn’t work.  Assistance was requested, and the technical workers […] read more

Medical Data Security Growing Problem In Years To Come.

The Government Technology site has an article by Jim McKay about the growing problem of medical insurance fraud.  Medical insurance fraud accounts for only three percent of US healthcare costs, which currently translates to about $60 billion, and of that, 1% is attributed to medical ID theft—which is quite sizable when you look at the […] read more

Even the Law Recognizes the Power of Hard Drive Encryption.

I read an interesting article on a CNET blog today about new legislation regarding data breach notifications up for consideration by the Indiana State Senate.    The proposed bill requires that all data breach notifications involving Indiana residents need to go through the attorney general’s office.  That’s fairly standard practice, but that isn’t what makes this […] read more

Hard Drive Encryption Is Needed for All PC’s: There Is Worldwide Demand for Tougher Data Breach Legislation.

Lost laptops and missing disks could mean legal trouble, as the media spotlight on data breaches gives weight to calls for tougher legislation – but is encouraging best practice a wiser move? Another day, another miserable data fiasco – it seems there’s no end in sight for missing laptops and lost disks. It’s one thing […] read more