Hard Disk Encryption Not Used On Recovered Seventh Day Adventist Laptop.

A letter filed with the New Hampshire Attorney General reveals why relying on just laptop tracking software is not an ideal method for dealing with data breaches.  While such software is great for recovering stolen hardware, data breaches ultimately revolve around information.  Information could take on the form of hardware–papyrus, scrolls, stone tablets–but, they don’t […] read more

Massachusetts Encryption Law: It’s Not Just About Encryption.

If you think that the “Massachusetts encryption law,” more formally known as regulation 201 CMR 17.00, is about encryption, you’re in for a rude awakening.  Yes, there are provisions for the use of data encryption software for protecting personally sensitive data, and for which centrally managed encryption software companies like AlertBoot will be able to […] read more

Data Encryption Software Not Used On Lost North Pacific Group Computers.

DataBreaches.net has a link to NH AG’s website, where a letter from the North Pacific Group is on display.  Apparently, computer equipment, including several laptops, were stolen from their offices in Portland, Oregon over Thanksgiving weekend.  It’s quite apparent that they were not using data encryption like AlertBoot endpoint security software since they claim that […] read more

Encrypt Entire Hard Disk Drives For Full Protection.

Hard drive encryption encrypts data but not your files Minimize the risk of not encrypting sensitive files Performance hits? Not applicable for most people There is something to be said about the convenience of full hard drive encryption software like AlertBoot, as opposed to the use of file encryption software.  Granted, both are excellent ways […] read more