UND Alumni And Donor Information In Stolen Laptop, Data Encryption Used.

The UND Alumni Association is sending out word to approximately 85,000 people that they should be monitoring their credit.  Their information was stored on a laptop computer that was lost by a software vendor contracted by the alumni association.  It also sounds like affected members will be signed up for credit monitoring services, free of […] read more

Less Than Half Of Companies Notify Affected Customers Of Data Breaches. Is It Because They Use Disk Encryption?.

No.  It’s definitely not because they use disk encryption solutions like AlertBoot.  The companies that were surveyed by consultancy firm Logica did not report the breaches because they didn’t want to.  Yeah, you read that right.  They didn’t want to, so they kept it unreported.  Secret.  Sub rosa.   Let’s face it, a data breach […] read more

$50 And Lack Of Hard Drive Encryption Can Net You Lots Of IDs From eBay.

But, only in a roundabout way.  Some intrepid reporters decided to spend $50 bidding on eBay for used computer hard drives, and see what kind of information they could glean from these magnetic devices. It turns out that they hit the jackpot, something that could have been prevented with the use of hard drive encryption […] read more

GS Caltex Information Security Breach Leaked By The Criminals. No Wonder There Was No File Encryption.

Four people were arrested over the weekend in relation to the massive data breach GS Caltex—the second biggest oil refiner in South Korea—suffered late last week.  There were signs that this may have been an inside job, based on the fact that there was no hacking involved of the company’s databases (although that can’t always […] read more

Disk Encryption A Great Ingredient For Anheuser-Busch Employees (Update).

On a previous post, I had mentioned that Anheuser?Busch had declined to reveal details on a data breach where laptops were stolen from the brewer’s headquarters in St. Louis.  At the time, there were mixed reports on whether laptop encryption was used on the laptops.  cbs4.com is reporting that the number of employees affected by […] read more

Full Disk Encryption Lacking On Lost Arapahoe College USB Flash Drive.

The fault lies with the contractor that Arapahoe Community College (ACC) hired to manage the student information database.  An employee for the contractor lost a USB drive at the Copper Mountain Resort, and now 15,000 ACC students are being notified of a possible data breach.  Obviously, the incident could have been averted with the use […] read more

Disk Encryption A Great Ingredient For Anheuser-Busch Employees.

Laptop computers containing sensitive information on current and former Anheuser?Busch employees have been stolen from the beer maker’s premises.  The beer company has certainly been making a splash in the news: first, they get bought out by InBev, a Belgian conglomerate, releasing a tsunami of waffle?related jokes; now, this.  It is not known how many […] read more

File Encryption Not On Back Up Tape, 15 Years Worth Of Personal Information Compromised.

When it’s time to protect the content in a computer, file encryption is a great way of approaching the issue.  While I tend to recommend full disk encryption, there are times when this is no good.  For example, back?up tapes don’t mesh with disk encryption.  This means that individual files going on that tape must […] read more

Full Disk Encryption Missing In Stolen Colt Laptop Hits Home: Netegrity.

“Sd@sd!#dfs@wefe%@@##!” is what the dark lord would have said, if he weren’t so civilized.  No, instead his first words were “are you kidding me?”  The dark lord I refer to in this case is my boss.  He can tell you a thing or two about why data encryption is so important.  Especially now, since he is […] read more

Hard Drive Encryption Could Have Eased Cleveland Clinic’s Travails.

The Cleveland Clinic is looking into the disappearance of a laptop computer.  The clinic has not confirmed what type of information was stored on the machine; however, all affected patients have been notified and offered resources for identity theft protection.  Quite obviously, a laptop encryption solution like AlertBoot was not used to secure the contents […] read more