Data Security: What Is Sensitive Information?.

Data encryption software like AlertBoot can protect sensitive information.  But, what is sensitive information? What prompted me to ask this question is this story about the conviction of a man that was sentenced to four years in prison for stealing information from AOL customers. Defining Sensitive Information – The Obvious Many states in the US […] read more

SB 20: California Bill Updating Data Breach Notification Letter Requirements.

Joe Simitian, the California co-author of the first data breach notification legislation, has introduced a new bill that would make those notification letters a bit easier to follow.  Companies that use encryption software like AlertBoot would still be given an exception from sending out breach notification letters. But for companies (or rather, “agencies,” as noted […] read more

Data Security: Google Talk Phishing Scam. It’s New But The Tactic Is Old.

There is a new phishing scam making the rounds.  All it involves is people on your Google Talk IM’ing you with “check this out!”  It just goes to show that there is nothing new under the sun, and why the use of drive encryption software like AlertBoot is sometimes necessary on seemingly public and innocuous […] read more

Laptop Data Security: Facial Authentication Hacked By Researchers.

Researchers in Vietnam were able to hack the supposedly next big thing in data security: facial biometrics.  When companies announced working models, they claimed it was super-secure and more convenient than the use of fingerprint scanners.  And while these wouldn’t replace hard disk encryption like AlertBoot when it comes to data security, it meant not […] read more

Data Security, Valentine’s Day, and The Javelin Research Conclusion.

You know, normally I don’t post comments at websites that deal with data security issues, stories, or articles.  The reason?  Because I work for AlertBoot, a data security company.  No matter what I say, it would appear that I’m making a case for the use of data encryption software. But today, I had to toss […] read more

Data Security Breach At Twitter Instigated By Happiness.

Twitter administrator account gets hacked Simple words may be passwords, but they’re not secure passwords How this applies to encryption I usually use these pages for espousing the benefits of data security software like hard drive encryption offered by companies like AlertBoot.  However, it looks like it might be a good time to veer into […] read more

Sometimes, Endpoint Security Requires Something Less Advanced Than Hard Drive Encryption.

A team of intrepid news reporters at WHRW found that someone at Binghamton University had tossed a bundle of university documents listing out the sensitive information of fifty-six students who took courses in the mid-seventies.  This story wouldn’t be such a big deal except that there’s so many things wrong with it, I don’t know […] read more