BYOD Security: Complying With Australian Privacy Principle 11.

Last week (28 April to 4 May 2013) was “Privacy Awareness Week” in the Asia Pacific region.  Australia is one of the entities that participates in PAW (the others are, in alphabetical order, Canada, Hong Kong, Korea, Macau, Mexico, New Zealand, and the USA). As part of the awareness campaign, the Office of the Australian […] read more

Personal Data Breach: Consumer Churn Rate Directly Tied To Infosec Events Is Significant.

A global study has revealed that personal data breaches lead to sizable numbers of customers to turn their back on companies.  This might not be news, but perhaps the figures are: 23% of the respondents affirmatively answered that they have stopped doing business companies that failed to properly safeguard their data.  All the more reason […] read more

HHS Laptop Encryption: Arizona Counseling and Treatment Services Announces Data Breach.

Dissent at brings us news that the Arizona Counseling and Treatment Services, located in the city of Yuma, has announced the theft of an employee’s laptop computer with personal patient information.  Although it’s not spelt out, it appears pretty evident that laptop disk encryption for protecting PHI like AlertBoot was not used. When it […] read more

Hospital BYOD: 89% Of Healthcare Workers Use Personal Smartphones for Work.

BYOD and the medical sector are a match made in heaven…and in hell.  Consider the possibilities: the elimination (or more realistically, the minimization) of paperwork; the real-time synchronization of patient data; the savings in time, money, and complexity.  No wonder 89% of healthcare workers reported using their personal devices at work in a Cisco survey. […] read more

iPhone Data Security: Does The "Data Wipe" Functionality Not Work?.

Wired Magazine claims in its headlines that one should “Break Out a Hammer” because “You’ll Never Believe the Data ‘Wiped’ Smartphones Store.”  The implication is that information remains behind on smartphones when they are wiped.  While there is nothing factually wrong with the article, the headline is misleading.  You might as well proclaim, “Dinosaurs dangerous […] read more