Laptop Encryption Software: VA Employee Loses Laptop On Trip To Vegas.

An Accomack country, Virginia employee lost his county-issued laptop on a trip to Las Vegas, resulting in the breach of 35,000 people.  It wasn’t revealed whether disk encryption software like AlertBoot was used to protect the contents of the laptop, but it was noted that the employee did not receive authorization to take his laptop […] read more

Drive Encryption Software Not Needed In Lost NC Government Laptop.

There are those who thumb their noses to drive encryption.  Despite the fact that encryption, for the most part, has been proven to work, again and again, there are those who place substantive weight to one-time events where encryption didn’t work–usually where it could hardly be said that someone was using encryption (just because someone […] read more

Information Security: Government "Discovers" 1,000 Data Centers.

In one of the most ludicrous-sounding headlines I’ve ever read, announced that the US Government found it had nearly 1,000 more data centers than estimated.  I don’t know what to make of this, honestly.  I mean, you’ve got a government that has decided to use disk encryption on any portable devices, to ensure security.  […] read more

Data Encryption Software For Decentralized Environments.

The race to secure the Veterans Affairs IT network is still on.  According to its CIO, the VA has been deploying data security tools to ensure their network is safe, at a cost of $50 million this year alone.  While I would normally wonder whether hard disk encryption like AlertBoot had been included, I’m pretty […] read more

Information Security: What Is A Weak Password?.

In the real world, the strength of your laptop encryption doesn’t matter: hackers assume it’s very strong (and they usually wouldn’t be wrong in making this assumption) and attack the system in some other way.  While it isn’t anyone’s first choice of attack, attempts at guessing the password that unlocks access to encrypted systems is […] read more

Data Encryption A Key Aspect Of International Travel For Feds.

GCN (Government Computer News), the “online authority for government IT professionals,” has come up with nine points that government personnel must be aware of when traveling internationally.  Key among them is the use of data encryption software such as hard disk encryption for laptop computers and e-mail encryption, as well as a good dollop of […] read more