Laptop Encryption Software: 10 Laptops Missing From Dallas Black And Whites.

A headline at had me doing a double-take: “Computer equipment stolen from Dallas Police squad cars.”  I’ve heard of the odd theft from a patrol car here and there, but ten of them?  It turns out, these cars were decommissioned.  However, that raises more questions than answers.  Such as, would it have been justifiable […] read more

Port Control And Security: 15,000 Social Security Numbers Stolen From NY State Agency.

A subcontractor working on computer hardware upgrades at the NY Social Security Agency was charged with stealing 15,000 Social Security numbers.  It reminds me of the one true maxim about data security threats, that you’ll never know exactly where or how the next one will appear.  In fact, this is why full disk encryption like […] read more

Hard Drive Encryption: NASA Sells Used PCs Without Scrubbing Data.

Auditors have found that NASA, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, sold 9 computers that was not appropriately scrubbed of its data.  Despite the fact that tests had shown information had not been scrubbed.  Of course, if these had been protected with disk encryption technology like AlertBoot, it wouldn’t really matter, from a pragmatic standpoint.  […] read more

Laptop Encryption Software Missing On Lost Computer With Access To Alberta Health Services.

Canada has some strict rules governing health information.  In particular, it states that encryption must be used if health information is stored on a mobile device.  It doesn’t matter what kind of encryption: it could be hard disk encryption, which protects the entire contents of a computer, or file encryption, which secures individual files. This […] read more

Drive Encryption Software: How It Could Save A UK Captain’s Career Over £18.87 Mistake.

The failure to use full disk encryption like AlertBoot means the end of a fast-track career for a UK Army officer.  Well, I’m assuming that latter part, but wouldn’t you expect it when you’ve managed to have highly confidential information sold on UK’s eBay for £18.87? Laptop Contained Afghanistan Classified Military Files An IT engineer […] read more

Disk Encryption Software: 28 Computers Stolen From Ugandan Government Building.

Twenty-eight computers were stolen from what appears to be a government building in Uganda, Amamu House.  The computers belonged to the Uganda Registration Services Bureau, and contained “classified documents on deaths, births, and companies.”  There is no word on whether computer drive encryption was used to protect the information. Inside Job? Due to the location, […] read more