USB Drive Data Encryption Software: 550 Oregon Dept. Of Corrections Employees Affected.

A USB flashdrive containing the information on approximately 550 employees for the Oregon Department of Corrections was found and turned in to the appropriate authorities.  It’s quite apparent that data encryption like AlertBoot was not used on the flashdrive, seeing how a member of the public turned it in after seeing the information on the […] read more

Disk Encryption Software: New Mexico Natl Guard Computer Stolen, Soon To Be Deployed.

A computer was stolen from the New Mexico National Guard Headquarters in Santa Fe.  It contained sensitive information, prompting the NG to send breach notification letters to those affected, including guardsmen who are about to be deployed to Kosovo.  A simple (yet very advanced) program like full disk encryption from AlertBoot would have stopped the […] read more

Data Encryption: Bottled Civil War Message Used Vigenere Cipher (Updated).

Today, a little detour from modern disk encryption stories to take a look at a centuries-old message.  If you’re into cryptography, the American Civil War, or both, you might have heard that a US Civil War message was recently cracked.  The message was coded using a Vigenere cipher which has been around since at least […] read more

Laptop Encryption Software: 10 Laptops Missing From Dallas Black And Whites.

A headline at had me doing a double-take: “Computer equipment stolen from Dallas Police squad cars.”  I’ve heard of the odd theft from a patrol car here and there, but ten of them?  It turns out, these cars were decommissioned.  However, that raises more questions than answers.  Such as, would it have been justifiable […] read more