Starbucks Mobile App Not Secure. Well, Kinda…(But Not Anymore).

The Register has a story on the insecurity of the Starbucks app, the one that went nationwide (in the US) just last month.  More specifically, the barcode (technically, the QR code) that’s scanned to buy coffee and other goods at Starbucks can be copied, meaning someone could buy coffee for free but at a cost […] read more

Laptop Encryption Software: Anglo Irish Bank CEO’s Laptop Stolen. reports that a laptop belonging to Mike Aynsley, the CEO of Anglo Irish Bank, has been stolen during a domestic burglary.  The computer was password-protected, but did not make use of drive encryption.  Thankfully, sensitive data was not stolen. Thieves Break-In During Broad Daylight Three hooded males broke into Aynsley’s home in mid-November (the […] read more

Wallet Protection: Dunhill’s Biometric Wallet.

Have seen you the $825 wallet yet?  From Dunhill, it’s a carbon-fiber covered bill keeper with a biometric fingerprint reader.  Apparently, there’s no other way to open, lest you use a blunt or sharp instrument, destroying whatever might be inside of it (a hacksaw can probably cut through it, also cutting the cards and dollar […] read more