Drive Encryption Software: First Federal Bank of Florida Mortgage Data Stolen.

Mortgage data.  The last time I checked, mortgage data includes lots of personal information that you don’t want lost or stolen.  So, it only makes sense to protect it with the likes of laptop encryption software such as AlertBoot.  First Federal Bank of Florida somehow didn’t think so. Break-In, Things Stolen On July 23, a […] read more

Cost Of A Data Breach: Be Honest In Your Breach Notification Letters.

Michaels Stores, an arts and crafts business with locations in the US and Canada, is being sued for a data breach that occurred between February and May of this year.  Because the breach involved the hacking of POS systems and PIN pads, something that cannot be prevented with hard disk encryption like AlertBoot, I had […] read more

Data Encryption Software: Nevada Non-Profits Not Required To Comply With NRS 603A? Of Course They Are Required To!.

I heard a very disturbing assertion yesterday.  Apparently, some time ago, an offer was made by yours truly’s company, AlertBoot: a non-profit in Nevada was presented with free deployment of our disk encryption program.  The offer was turned down, and we were told that they didn’t need it because non-profits don’t need to comply with […] read more

Disk Encryption: Ohio Auditor’s Laptop Stolen. reports that a state-owned laptop with financial audits was stolen from an employee’s home.  While it was not revealed whether drive encryption software like AlertBoot was used on the laptop, it looks like it’s going to be a moot point: passwords were attached to the computer. Suspended for 15 Days The employee, a regional […] read more

Disk Encryption Not Good Enough For Hedge-fund Employees Under Investigation. has an article on how hedge-fund managers suspected of insider-trading disposed of evidence stored in computers: they smashed up the hard drives, tore them apart, and then dumped them into separate garbage trucks.  Generally, full disk encryption like AlertBoot does a good job of protecting data.  But, if you really want to ensure that […] read more