Australia Personal Information Data Encryption Provision And Security Laws.

As of July 1, 2009, Australia does not have any laws regarding notification of data breaches.  However, there are efforts underway to alert Australians (and the government) in the event a company or agency experiences a breach of sensitive data that could affect Australians.  There will be exceptions, of course.  For example, exceptions will be […] read more

Disk Encryption Software: Bord Gais Figures Corrected To 100,000.

The Irish Gas Board (Bord Gais) has revised their figures of customers affected in the laptop data breach from June.  If you’ll recall, the theft of four laptops–with one of them containing sensitive and financial information, but not protected via data encryption–have led to the loss of customer information. Initially, it was announced to have […] read more

Drive Encryption Software Matters: Working At Home Can Eventually Cause Data Breach.

Another article, this time from the, shows how second-hand hard drives sold on on-line auction sites contain enough information to make identity thieves very happy. A twist on this particular story, however, is that these drives are being traced back to employees who work at home on their personal computers (personal as in the […] read more