Laptop Data Security In China: Always Keep It With You??.

Are you traveling to China or Russia for business?  Taking a laptop computer or smartphone?  You might want to rethink that, according to  If you must, you should “assume government or industry spooks will steal your data and install spyware.”  One of the ways to combat this particular sense of paranoia?  Laptop encryption – […] read more

Hospital Disk Encryption: Upper Valley Medical Center Hard Drive Missing.

It’s being reported that the “hard drive from a computer” has been stolen from Upper Valley Medical Center.  Thankfully, patient information was not present on the missing device, but it’s grounds for reviewing the question: why is it, again, that HIPAA-covered entities are not required to use drive encryption software like AlertBoot? Nicked at Night […] read more

Laptop Drive Encryption Software: Thieves Literally Snatch A Laptop Computer From User’s Hands At A Starbucks.

Three men in Phoenix, Arizona have been arrested for stealing laptops from coffee shops.  I’ve read of a handful incidences over the years where people steal laptops from their owners at coffee shops; those, however, generally tend to be acts of stupidity, with the thieves trying to get away on foot.  In this case, it […] read more

Disk Encryption: Biannual Healthcare Survey Shows Jump In Electronic Device Data Breaches.

A survey by the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Security (HIMSS) organization shows that US healthcare organizations are experiencing increased patient data breaches, fed by the introduction and growth of electronic records.  The use of full disk encryption software like AlertBoot can counter such malignant developments, seeing how laptops and other portable devices account for […] read more