Data Encryption: Citadel Uses It To Protect Their Trading Platform.

I was reading the grey lady on-line when I happened upon the following tidbit that reveals a couple of things about data encryption software: “As part of the suit, Citadel detailed the extraordinary steps it takes to protect its software. Besides encrypting its programs, the firm discourages employees from writing down details about them. Its […] read more

What Is A Third Party Data Breach?.

What is a third party breach? Who’s responsible for third party data breaches? How can third party breaches be prevented? A third party data breach is exactly what the name implies: it’s when sensitive information is lost by a third party.  For example, let’s say you’re a customer of Company A.  This company contracts out […] read more

Document Encryption Software Useful Against P2P And Other Breaches.

How An ID Thief Using P2P Was Caught Data Breaches Via P2P Software File Encryption – Protecting Sensitive Data A man in Seattle has been sentenced to three years in prison for identity theft.  Identity theft requires, obviously, personal information.  There are many ways of getting this information, but in the case of the Seattleite, […] read more

Hard Disk Encryption: UPS In UK Encrypts All Mobile Devices.

The UK-branch of UPS has announced that all of their laptops and smartphones have been encrypted.  The increased security stems from a data breach UPS experienced nearly a year ago.  In that case, a laptop computer was stolen.  This computer did not have drive encryption software securing its contents.  The only form of data security […] read more

Tape Encryption: MUFJ Nicos in Japan Loses Credit Card Data.

The Japanese credit card company Mitsubishi UFJ Nicos has announced that they have lost the information of 197,000 customers.  However, they believe that the loss won’t pose a problem because the “data were stored in a film that requires a special reading device to use,” according to  It sounds like no other form of […] read more