Laptop Encryption Software: Hackers Gain UK Online Tax Refunds.

It is believed that a laptop computer that was lost (and probably did not have laptop encryption software installed on it) may be behind the recent capers of a group of hackers.  These hackers filed on-line tax returns using real taxpayer information, including passwords to the on-line HMRC websites, and diverted £1million refunds to bogus […] read more

What’s Wrong With Free Data Encryption Software? Absolutely Nothing.

There is nothing wrong with free encryption software.  It may sound weird coming from a full disk encryption software vendor that charges for its services.  But, if cannot be denied: there are plenty of free encryption products out there that can provide data protection that is as good as AlertBoot endpoint security encryption. There are […] read more

Data Encryption Software – The Cost Of TJX’s Data Breach To Date.

The cost of a data breach depends on a lot of factors, but as the TJX case continues to show us, it heavily depends on the number of people affected.  Hindsight may be 20/20, but I think anyone could have predicted at the time that the decision not to update their outlets’ wireless encryption would […] read more

Skype Encrypts Your Calls, Trojan Gets Around It.

I’m a Skype user.  While I’m not too crazy about the call quality, it’s the cheapest way to make calls to the US while I’m drinking a cup of coffee at an overseas coffee shop that offers free wi-fi (the call itself is also free if the other guy uses Skype on his computer as […] read more

Data Encryption: Citadel Uses It To Protect Their Trading Platform.

I was reading the grey lady on-line when I happened upon the following tidbit that reveals a couple of things about data encryption software: “As part of the suit, Citadel detailed the extraordinary steps it takes to protect its software. Besides encrypting its programs, the firm discourages employees from writing down details about them. Its […] read more