Data Breach Costs: Canadian Government Pays $751,750 For Data Breach.

The Canadian federal government paid out $751,750 to approximately 120,000 people who were affected by a data breach on September 2003, when six computers were stolen.  The computers contained personal information but were not protected via drive encryption software. Six years for resolution.  That must be some kind of record. Computers Stolen from Tax Services […] read more

Data Encryption Software: CalOptima Loses Unencrypted CDs.

Update 29 OCT 2009: CDs recovered.  CalOptima in Orange County has announced the loss of several CDs containing personal information of members.  It will affect approximately 68,000 people.  The use of data encryption software like AlertBoot would have been extremely useful, on a number of fronts. What Was Lost The CDs contained “names, home addresses, dates […] read more

Hard Drive Encryption Software: Roane State Community College Data Breach.

9,747 current and former students and 1,194 employees at Roane State Community College have been alerted to a data breach.  The data was stored on a USB drive.  While the academic institution does have “policies [to] define rules for protecting confidential data,” it hasn’t been revealed whether full disk encryption like AlertBoot was used to […] read more

Cost Of A Computer Breach: Some Stats From ChoicePoint 2008 Breach. has a story on how ChoicePoint has decided to settle with the FTC regarding an information security breach the data broker experienced in 2008.  Ironically enough, the breach could have been prevented:  ChoicePoint had implemented the correct security measures in response to their 2005 breach.  However, the software was turned off. (It reminds me […] read more

Disk Encryption Software: 70 Million Vets’ Data On NARA Hard Drive Breach.

The NARA, National Archives and Records Administration, may have had a data breach, depending on how one defines certain words.  What’s not in contention is the fact that a hard drive with the information of 70 million US veterans is involved.  Or that data encryption software was not used to protect this data. What Happened […] read more

Data Encryption: BlueCross BlueShield Breach Prompts Affiliates’ Notifications.

Highmark Inc. Also Announces Breach To Physicians It’s finally started.  The big news this week was the theft of a laptop computer with personal details for all doctors in the BlueCross BlueShield network.  Drive encryption software was not used on the laptop, automatically turning the computer theft to a data breach (a massive one.  Over […] read more

Missing Blue Cross Blue Shield Computer Update.

BlueCross BlueShield has provided further information regarding the theft of a laptop.  The computer contained a file with the personal information of all physicians in the BCBS network.  You’ll recall from yesterday’s blog post that a BCBS employee had downloaded the file to a personal laptop computer without disk encryption software which subsequently got stolen. […] read more