Data Encryption Provision In New Missouri Senate Bill 207 Data Breach Notification Law.

Missouri taking a serious look at breach notification: SB 207 Preventing data breaches Missouri is one of the few states remaining in the US that still does not have a data breach notification law.  This is set to change, though, if Senate Bill 207 passes.  Like the original bill that started it all (California SB […] read more

Cost Of Massachusetts Encryption Law Compliance.

According to OCABR, you can expect to spend an upfront $3,000 and $500 per month to comply with 201 CMR 17.00 The Office of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation (OCABR) has published a hypothetical cost for complying with their MA encryption law, 201 CMR 17.00.  A lot of it seems to center around encryption: These […] read more

Drive Encryption Software: Canadian Retailer Sells Hard Drive Full Of Personal Files.

A Staples Business Depot store in Ottawa has resold a hard drive that contained sensitive information.  The use of hard drive encryption software like AlertBoot would have prevented the breach, but its use wouldn’t have been practical under the circumstances. The Story According to this article, a retired political science professor bought an external hard […] read more