Laptop Drive Encryption Software: Thieves Literally Snatch A Laptop Computer From User’s Hands At A Starbucks.

Three men in Phoenix, Arizona have been arrested for stealing laptops from coffee shops.  I’ve read of a handful incidences over the years where people steal laptops from their owners at coffee shops; those, however, generally tend to be acts of stupidity, with the thieves trying to get away on foot.  In this case, it […] read more

Data Encryption Software: Prey Tracking Software Software Turns You Into Predator.

I’ve come across a review of a device tracking “spyware” called “Prey.”  Based on open-sourced software (and not without its controversy), it’s a root-level software that will keep track of devices via the internet, assuming a connection is available.  While I can see the benefits of such software, it’s incompatible with disk encryption programs […] read more