Laptop Encryption Is The Most Commonsense Way To Protect Portable Computers.

InformationWeek has an in-depth article on preventing data loss, and has fingered encryption as a must-have in one’s arsenal.  They correctly point out that it’s the most “commonsense” way to protect data, and that it also helps avoid penalties in certain states if the computer were to be stolen.   How powerful is encryption?  It […] read more

Sloppy Laptop Security Can Cost Over $500,000.

The value of the data on those who do carry valuable information on their laptops is $525,000 on average.  This was the result of a survey commissioned by a company that specializes in offering secured wireless and wired broadband services to hotels and conference centers.   The survey included 491 participants, all of them users […] read more

Laptop Security For University Students.

The Daily Bruin, a UCLA publication, is carrying an article about laptop thefts on their campus.  Eleven computer-related thefts were already reported in the month of October, despite the fact that this is not the beginning of the year anymore, and hence, one would assume, that students are not as trusting as they were at […] read more

Corporate Espionage And Data Security.

The Korea Times is reporting that two executives at STX Heavy Industries, based out of South Korea, were arrested this past Friday on charges of stealing key technology from their former employer, Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction.  The technology in question was related to desalination and power generation.  Doosan is one of the lesser known […] read more

Laptop Security, Theft, And Public Relations: Password Protection Is Not “Protection” If There Is No Device Encryption.

We seem to have a new trend: I’m seeing more and more instances of people stating after a data breach that the lost or stolen computer was not encrypted but was password?protected: The Home Depot and the Kiski Area School District instances are the two that come into mind as of right now, but there […] read more

There’s That Word Again: Hope, And The Data Security Blues.

  “Saving money and being PCI-compliant is important to us, but equally important is protecting ourselves against intruders. Even though we have some breathing room with PCI, we are still vulnerable with WEP as our security key. It must be a risk we are willing to take for the sake of saving money and hoping […] read more

Laptop Security As Part of Freshman Orientation?.

A new school year has started in the United States, and already there seems to be a deluge of laptop theft stories in the media.  A small number of them are covered in the national media, such as the laptop theft in Arizona that affected students in Iowa:  a former teaching assistant in Iowa had […] read more

Do You Wipe Your Data Before Throwing Your Computer Out? Why Not Employ Hard Drive Encryption?.

Over the past couple of months I have read short pieces here and there on researchers buying used hard drives from secondhand sources and testing to see whether previous data can be extracted using sophisticated software and other data recovery methods.  The hard drives come from a variety of sources.  Usually they are bought in […] read more

A Different Take On The Consequence Of Ineffective Data Security – Employees Sue, Too.

Some of you might remember a case from almost 2 years ago where unencrypted computer disks and tapes containing the information of patients, close to 350,000 of them, was stolen from the backseat of a car.  Well, it looks like the saga continues.  The IT worker who blew the whistle on this particular data breach […] read more

Third Data Breach At Pharmaceutical Company Shows The Importance of Endpoint Security.

Pfizer announced this week that there was serious security breach resulting in the loss of personal data affecting current employees as well as former ones.  It’s the third security breach in as many months.  In June, Pfizer exposed employees’ personal information via P2P filesharing.  About three weeks ago, consultants working for the company had their […] read more