Absent Hard Drive Encryption Affects Google: Possible Security Breach.

It looks like CNet is not the only technology company to be affected by Colt Express’s computer theft.  It is being reported that Google has been affected as well.  Not only that, the comments section to the article also has someone commenting that ValueClick employees are affected due to the incident.  Hard disk encryption like […] read more

Full Disk Encryption Not Used In Lost US Foodservice Laptop.

A letter has been filed with the NH DOJ by US Foodservice, the second largest foodservice distributor in the US.  According to Wikipedia, only Sysco—the guys who grew really big by supplying McDonald’s, if I recollect correctly—is bigger.  There are no details on how or where the laptop was lost.  However, the letter does expressly […] read more

Hard Disk Encryption: Do As I Say, Not As I Do.

Associated Newspapers, publisher of the Daily Mail in the UK, has had to admit to a laptop theft.  The stolen laptop contains the financial and personal information of staff, suppliers, and contributors that number in the thousands.  The situation is no different from the other computer thefts reported in the UK, with one exception: as […] read more