Disk Encryption: NY Lincoln Medical Notifies 130,945 Of Data Breach.

The loss of seven CDs means a medical data breach for over 130,000 people who’ve visited Lincoln Medical and Mental Health Center in New York.  The CDs were not protected using disk encryption software, a terrible move, since this seems to qualify as a HIPAA breach. Biller Causes Problems The information that was breached, sometime […] read more

Disk Encryption Software: Brazilian Mogul’s External Hard Drive Encryption Is FBI Proof.

The FBI was unable to break TrueCrypt encryption, according to the Brazilian police.  It’s the saga of one Daniel Dantas, a Brazilian banker who was eventually arrested on charges of bribing a police officer.  He got ten years and a $5 million fine.  Who knows what would have happened if hard disk encryption like AlertBoot […] read more

Full Disk Encryption: Oregon National Guard Loses Laptop.

The Oregon National Guard is sending out an alert: guard members should be on the lookout for ID theft attempts.  A laptop computer with members’ personal information was stolen, and although the device was password-protected, it did not make use of more advanced forms of data security like laptop encryption software from AlertBoot. How Many […] read more

Mexico Data Breach Penalties And Fines: Up To US$ 3 Million.

I had meant to follow up on this story, but only now have I found the time. According to the lawyers over at proskauer.com, Mexico has passed a new law on data protection which “provides for penalties up to an astounding $1.5 million for violations.”  There is no specific mention on the use of data […] read more

CD Disc Encryption: Interior Department Loses Encrypted CD, Notifies 7500 Employees.

A procurement specialist at the Interior Department’s National Business Center reported a CD as missing, which triggered breach notifications to 7,500 federal employees.  This was despite the contents of the CD being protected by data encryption.  Why?  I’m truly perplexed. Encryption = Protection The CD was lost around May 26.  Information contained in the disc […] read more

Drive Encryption Or Ban On Physical Transfer Of Digital Files?.

Would you or your company consider never copying sensitive data to digital media and mailing it?  In other words, ban the practice of sending in the mail CDs and DVDs loaded with personal information?  It’s not a bad idea, but why not just use encryption software like AlertBoot to secure the data? Practice Transfers Risk, […] read more

Full Disk Encryption: Roanoke City Schools "Sells" Employee Information.

Not sold on purpose, of course.  But, that’s essentially what happened: 8 computers contained personal information, and these were sold, despite policies in place against such a practice.  Instances like these are the reason why disk encryption software solutions like AlertBoot are chosen, if not as the primary method of protection, as a backup security […] read more

Disk Encryption: Towers Watson Information Breach The Next Colt Express?.

databreaches.net has noted that a third entity has reported a data breach related to two DVDs missing from Towers Watson, and is wondering whether this is the next Colt Express situation.  If you’ll recall, Colt Express suffered a break-in, and computers with sensitive information–which were not protected with disk encryption software like AlertBoot–were stolen, a […] read more